Common Ways People Damage their Eyes

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re using your eyes to scroll through the text. You might not realize how much you depend on your vision on a daily basis but it’s far more important than what it’s given credit for. This is why you should always take care of your eyes and emphasize hygienic practices every time you handle your contact lenses. Here are some common ways people damage their eyes without even knowing it.

Rubbing Your Eyes

One of the most common knee-jerk reactions when your eye is itchy is to rub it with a significant amount of pressure until the itch subsides. This can cause severe damage to the cornea and the underlying tissue. Always be gentle when handling your eyes, especially if you’re using contact lenses as they can become a host for bacteria and germs.

UV Exposure

Optometrists often suggest that people wear sunglasses when they go outside. The wide spectrum of UV rays coming from the sun can damage the eyes, leaving you with more than just a simple headache. If you’re wearing prescription frames, there are options that will darken the lens within the frame to decrease the amount of light shining through.

Eye Strain via Electronic Devices

The amount of time people spend on their smart phones, televisions, and video game consoles is steadily increasing. While these screens may not be as harmful as looking directly at the fun, spending hours staring at a screen just a few feet away can still expose you

r eyes to blue light. Fortunately, there are numerous filters that minimize the amount of blue light exposure, making it relatively better for your eyes – although it is still recommended to give your eyes a much-needed break.

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