De-Stressify the Bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be tranquil, but we can easily turn it into a den of stress and clutter. There never seem to be enough drawers to fit things into, and countless life hacks help us change everything from luxury bedding to maximizing closet space. To turn your bedroom into a stress-free zone, you might need to completely rethink your surroundings.

Remove Distractions

A recent study concluded those who read on smartphones before bed may be hurting their chances of a good night of sleep. Replace those gadgets with good old fashioned books, or try counting sheep to unwind before bed.


Make sure that you are warm during winter and cool during summer. A comforter set filled with synthetic filling can usually do a great job keeping you warm, but may be too much during the summer time. Choose filling that won’t get too warm, or consider buying more than one set. Bedding is easy to change, and it can completely transform the look of the bedroom.

You might consider adding some pillows, or a mattress topper if warmth and comfort are concerns. Memory foam cells are densely packed and do a good job of trapping body heat.


The final area to consider is lighting. A dimmer switch will help you set mood lighting any time of day, and you won’t have fluorescent bulbs to bother your eyes. Remember to place lighting strategically so that it illuminates the space without blanketing everything in brightness.

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