The importance of a healthy smile

Article written by Elite Dental Group

A healthy smile can offer numerous benefits, like helping with day-to-day tasks such as chewing, digestion, and speaking as well as improving confidence and providing our face its shape. Good oral care can mean enjoying all these benefits for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the reasons why maintaining healthy, strong teeth is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Maintain healthy teeth for life – Brushing twice daily, flossing before bed, and consuming a low sugar diet can reduce a person’s risk of dental decay and gum disease. Research suggests that the number of teeth a person has is strongly linked to how long they will live. Tooth loss and gum disease are preventable by simply following good oral habits daily.

Reduce the risk of disease – Gum disease can cause bacteria to move from our mouths into the bloodstream. In some cases, these bacteria can increase a protein that causes the blood to thicken, which can result in blood clots and heart attacks.

Reduce one’s risk of cancer and dementia – Research suggests that gum disease can increase a person’s risk of developing some cancers and dementia.

Giving birth to a healthy baby – Pregnant women with healthy teeth and gums are 3 times less likely to have a low-birth-weight baby or one that is premature. Researchers say that pregnant women with gum disease have a 1 in 4 chance of delivering a baby in 35 weeks or less.

Looking your best – Healthy teeth and gums can prevent bad breath, which can be embarrassing in social situations. Stained teeth can also affect a person’s confidence as they can look older and unkempt. Surface stains can be reduced by regular brushing and flossing while stubborn stains can be removed by a professional dental cleaning or a tooth whitening procedure.

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