Ways to Tell It’s Time for a New Mattress

Ways-to-Tell-It’s-Time-for-a-New-MattressWritten by: The Foam Factory

Your body needs quality sleep to be able to perform the daily tasks that you provide it with. If you’re consistently waking up with body aches or a stiff neck, then you’re overdue for a mattress replacement. Here are some other signs that you should be aware of also.

If you’re regularly waking up tired or sore all over the place, it’s not the positioning that you’re sleeping in, it’s your mattress. The dullness of the mattress fails to relieve your body and holds you in a position that activates all your pressure points causing irritation for hours on end. These things won’t last forever even though they may look like they do.

Take a look at your mattress. Does it look saggy or lumpy? Normal mattresses should be puffed up and just look downright sturdy. If your kids tend to use your mattress as a trampoline, then don’t be surprised when it starts to look bloated and disproportionate. The foam mattress inside is most likely in pieces.

Your mattress foam should be providing support and comfort, along with the innards of the mattress itself. If you feel that it’s beginning to lack support, it could potentially be the mattress foam.

Your mattress should be replaced typically after 6-7 years. Anything after that and you’ll slowly feel the detrimental effects that it’s going to have on your body. Be sure to keep up with the life of your mattress if you want to sleep comfortably day in and day out.

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