Are goalies indestructible?

You’ve probably seen at least one football match in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Perhaps one of the more notable players in the pitch is the goalkeeper. Although he does not run around as much as the other players, you’ll find him soaring through the air in weird and awkward angles all in the name of being able to keep the ball from getting into the goal. They literally jump several feet in the air in different directions. Up, sideways, and sometimes even slanting. As a matter of fact, it takes more than just soccer supplies and goalkeeping gear for your body to be able to withstand that much punishment. If you will look closer, there have barely been any injuries to goalkeepers in every match. But how is that possible when they literally punish their bodies several times throughout the course of regulation and extra time? It’s all in their training. Although you may look at their movements and consider it as awkward, they are actually taught how to jump and block footballs with their bodies while at the same time knowing how to land properly in order to reduce the amount of pressure inflicted on their bodies. Now, to get this right, you need quite a lot of training and conditioning as well as your body needs to be tough and strong so you can withstand the pressure and pain your body will be subjected to. So don’t try it at home if you don’t know what you’re doing.