Easy Ways to Add Comfort to Any Living Space

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

A beautifully decorated home can be a prized possession, but what good is a home if it’s not comfortable? In an effort to add style and character to their homes, many homeowners forget about the importance of incorporating comfort and function. But every living space should be inviting and usable, with comfortable seating options and areas where family and friends can sit down to chat, watch TV, or read. If this doesn’t describe your house, it might be time for a change. Want to make your living room or outdoor patio more comfortable? There are many ways to add comfort to a living area without compromising style. Here are three, simple and effective ways to create a comfortable living area using foam products.

Purchase family-friendly foam sacks. Perhaps the most comfortable seating option in the history of seating options is the foam sack.However, these are not your traditional bean bag chairs. Today’s advanced foam sacksare not only extremely comfortable, but also stylish and customizable. A foam sack is filled with high-quality shredded foam, which means the moment you sink your body into the sack it will support every limb and muscle. When they get old, you can easily purchase foam replacement for the sacks.

If you’re concerned about style, don’t be. Simply choose a zippered suede cover that matches the rest of your existing décor. These covers are available in numerous hues. Finally, it’s important to select the right size sack according to the size of the living area. A sack too big can overcrowd a small living space, while extra small sacks will look bad in a large area.

Throw a few round bolsters. You’ve heard of throw pillows, but what about round bolsters? Long and round, these comfort pillows can be used to support your back, legs, and neck. These affordable bolsters are available in a variety of sizes, which means you can buy the perfect size for each member of the family. Add a few round bolsters to your living room, patio, or family room so that friends and family can use them any way they like. They look great on sofas and swings. To make sure they don’t take away from the décor, simply sow your own covers using fabrics you’ve purchased from your local fabric store.

Add colorful body pillows. A body pillow doesn’t have to stay in your bed. In fact, it can be a great addition to any living area, especially on sofas, loveseats, and chaise lounges.While most people use them while sleeping, you can use them while relaxing on the couch and watching TV. Our body pillows are available in stylish suede or twill covers and in a variety of colors to match your existing décor.
Carlo Badalamenti is a writer for The Foam Factory, a leading online retailer of foam, including foam for cushion replacement projects.