Foods You Should Avoid for Off-Site Catering

Article Submitted by Foodtradeconsultants


Serving the best dishes that would delight your clients is one of the primary considerations of caterers. But apart from just the taste and the quality, there are many things to keep in mind particularly if you are preparing dishes for off-site catering. Compared to restaurant dishes where meals are cooked right away, certain equipment and tools might not be readily available for off-site catering. This can directly affect the quality of dishes that you are going to serve.

As such, you should avoid serving the following dishes:

  •  Hot Seafood Items: Fish can be overcooked even when placed in a chafer. The quality can also be affected if you are going to reheat a cooked dish that has fish as the main ingredient. You might as well grill salmon or other fish on the spot.
  • Hot Pastas: These dishes are top favorites in every buffet. If you intend to cook pastas and transport the dishes to the site, you’ll have problems once you reheat the food since pastas tend to try out. It is strongly suggested that you cook the pasta noodles on-site and then you can just mix the sauce afterwards.
  • Fried Dishes: To avoid compromising the taste of the dishes, the best solution is for you to fry on-site. Fried dishes like chicken, fish, etc., can be soggy if ever you intend to prepare them beforehand and transport the food to the location.

These are just some of the foods that you should avoid, but considering the different means for you to ensure the freshness and the quality of dishes to be served, this is not going to be a problem.