Soy Protein Supplements 101

Posted by: Whey Supplements

While the average person can get enough protein from a well-balanced diet, some people –including strength trainers, weight lifters and athletes — feel the need to take protein supplements to help reach their fitness goals faster. There are different types of proteins on the market today, including the most popular: whey and casein. Still, many people are bypassing whey and casein to purchase soy.

In addition to whey and casein, soy is a popular protein used in dietary supplements. But why would anyone choose soy over whey and casein?  There are many reasons why people might want to choose soy over other protein. The main reason is because soy is a plant-based protein, ideal for vegans. And since a growing number of people are switching to vegan diets, soy is a great alternative to diary proteins such as whey and casein. Soy is also a great choice for people who are trying to lower their cholesterol levels; Soy is a cholesterol-free protein.

Soy is also a great protein choice for body builders because it helps support muscles during and after exercise. Many athletes rely on soy protein to help rebuild tissue. Trainers and nutritionists are now recommending adding soy protein supplements to pre-workout whey protein shakes.

Finally, soy is a great protein choice for people who are trying to lose weight. It offers a large amount of nutrients in a minimal amount of calories.