Tell-tale signs that you should be replacing your mattress

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Your mattress is susceptible to wear and tear. Just like every single man-made product, it can’t last forever no matter how much you want it to. And with that said, depending on how much use and how much you put your bed through, a mattress can last from eight to fifteen years. So if you can’t really say for sure as to whether it’s time to put your old mattress to rest, this time frame would be of much use to you. Truth be told, only the user of a particular mattress can say for sure that it needs to be replaced. But there are tell-tale signs that you need to get it replaced; such as when the cushion filling starts to come out – that’s a really bad sign, and you need to replace it quick. Other signs that you need to look out for are signs of overuse such as sagging, tearing, holes, stains, or damage. Other than that, it would also be useful to note that if your level of comfort in your own mattress is no longer what it used to be, then you should definitely get it changed. Take for example you sleep in another room in your home for one night, and you feel that your sleep was a whole lot better than what you’d expect from your own bed, then it’s definitely time for that old girl punch out. Your sleep and your rest is precious, and you can’t let some old mattress get in the way of that.


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