The Difference Between Imagining and Daydreaming


Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.


When we talk about using our imagination to create what we want, it’s easy to get this confused with daydreaming. In fact, many people who don’t understand the concepts of the Law of Attraction get the two things mixed up. They believe that people who follow the Law of Attraction simply spend all of their time idly daydreaming without putting any focus into their lives.


Of course, the reality is that there are some significant differences between daydreaming and using your imagination. Most critically, daydreaming is completely unfocused. By definition, it is letting your mind wander and think about anything at all. While this can be fun and can help to stimulate your imagination, it isn’t the same thing as using your imagination to fulfill your destiny through the Law of Attraction.


The Universe responds positively to thoughts that are focused on success. You are attempting to open up your mind to new ideas and concepts that the Universe is trying to get to you. However, in order to properly receive these ideas, you need to be receptive to them. This means doing more than daydreaming; it means putting your imagination to work and discovering the things that you are meant to be doing.


Daydreaming and using your imagination are intertwined but they are not the same thing. If you find yourself idly daydreaming, chances are that you won’t get the success in receiving positive experiences that you otherwise might anticipate. If you are having these problems, make sure you are actively using your imagination to build positive ideas rather than just dreaming your life away.


Dr. Eric Amidi was one of the scientists who discovered the Top Quark at Fermi National Laboratory. Eric Amidi uses his knowledge of artificial neural networks to help people unlock their hidden potential.