The Future in Genetics

Advances in biological sciences have been on a steady rise as newer and more capable instruments and equipment are becoming available to more and more laboratories. It is safe to say that we know much more about the way our bodies work now that we have better technology available today. In fact the study of our own genetics has advanced so much that it is now possible to create both synthetic DNA and synthetic RNA.

Various companies have begun producing synthetic DNA and RNA for the study of laboratories and universities worldwide. Of course, some processes may require specific kinds of DNA and RNA and even those are achieved through chemical modification of the strands. Fully customizable samples can be fit to your requirements just by asking your supplier for a list of hundreds of modifications available, and that list keeps on growing as more and more varieties of the DNA and RNA strands are being synthesized daily.

New processes are also now being widely used by international research facilities to ensure that results are both accurate and precise. New medicine or at least a better understanding has become available to us with these modern tools. In cooperation with these, measures are better instruments that can show us a better picture of how our genes work and behave under various environments. Chemistry has become one of the key sciences that has been working towards a better future and it believes that the secret is hiding within ourselves.


The Midland Certified Reagent Company is one producer of synthetic DNA and RNA polymers used in a number of research facilities found around the world.