The Inside Scoop on SENSA


SENSA® Advanced, the biggest weight loss breakthrough of the 21st century, is made of a blend of sprinkles that users shake on everything they eat. The product uses science and your sense of smell to help you lose weight. But what’s inside this new way to lose weight? Plenty of good things. Here’s a look at the safe ingredients of SENSA® Advanced.

100 Percent GRAS Ingredients

Unfortunately many weight loss products have unsafe ingredients that are harmful to our health. But SENSA® Advancedis different, which is why we’ve received so many positive reviews. We are proud to report that SENSA® Advanced features all 100 percent Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients as published by the FDA.

No Diuretics, Stimulants, or Harmful Ingredients

In addition to being made with GRAS ingredients, SENSA® Advanced is free of harmful ingredients such as diuretics, stimulants, pills, and MSG. Our product is also free of sodium, sugar, fat blockers, GMOs, and contains zero calories. Instead, it has a patented blend of natural and artificial flavors.

If you’re searching for a safe, easy, and effective way to lose weight, try SENSA® Advanced. Since it works gradually, SENSA® Advanced doesn’t shock your system and actually helps you overcome the biological urge to overeat.