Three Reasons to Focus on Baby Steps While Pursuing a Goal

Written by Heather Richards

Are you antsy to reach your goals? Are you so focused on your target that you can’t see the steps in front of you? While it’s very natural to become impatient and even nervous while going after the things we want in life, it’s important to stay focused on the course of action you will need to take to accomplish your goals. In other words, you have to focus on the baby steps along the way.

If you’re having a hard time focusing on the practical steps to reach your goals, don’t worry. Here are three reasons that might help you put your focus back where it needs to be, on the baby steps:

It helps you enjoy the journey. While pursuing certain goals in life, many people tend to focus on the target instead of the process. However, separating your goal from the journey can make the process seem even longer. Dr. Eric Amidi, author of the ebook, The Secret Behind the Secret,” says that that it’s important for people with goals to see their goals and the process as the same. This mindset will help you enjoy the road and appreciate it for what it is. It will also help broaden your vision and see other beautiful sites along the way.

It helps you feel happy today, not tomorrow. Another reason to focus on the baby steps while pursing your goals is because it will enable you to live in the moment – to feel happy today, instead of tomorrow. Many people who go after their dreams believe that they will not be happy until they’ve accomplished their goals. However, this type of thinking can rob you of the joy you can feel today. Instead, consider celebrating after each baby step and allow yourself to feel happy for the moment you’re in right now – even if you haven’t reached your ultimate goal.

It helps you reach your goal. While it might seem obvious, many people fail to accomplish their goals because they can’t focus on the very steps they need to take to get there. But one of the only ways you will ever get what you want in life is if you take the necessarily steps in the direction you want to go. Being mindful about each step ensures that you will reach your goal. Dr. Eric Amidi writes, “Start taking simple and small steps in the right direction. Before you know you are going full speed…and in the right direction guided by your subconscious mind.” Dr. Eric Amidi adds, “Do not underestimate the small steps, because they are everything.”