Weather in Normandy and Provence

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One of the favorite destinations in Europe and in the World is France. Despite its large regions and varying weather, there’s always somewhere beautiful that you travel to in this country. Paris is always great to start with at any time of the year. No matter what the weather is, this charming city seems to find ways to blend with the sun, rain and snow. If you want to see Eiffel tower behind the backdrop of eerie snow, come in winter. And if you want to see the charming streets of Paris full of life and color, then spend your Paris vacations during summer months.

North to Normandy

Normandy is filled with breathtaking fields and forests, and the heart of it, the magnificent castle of Mont-St-Michel. Best Normandy vacations are spent during summer and autumn. From March to May, you can visit during the Joan of Arc Festival. By summer, the fields and mountainsides are green. And when winter comes, the countryside looks like Narnia in snow.

South into Provence

Provence vacations are among the favorites in France and in Europe. The entire southern region is said to be great at any time of the year as it experiences more sunny days than anywhere else in the country. The landscape, old chateaux, and port cities can be enchantingly beautiful for nature lovers. Tour groups can take you to the breathtaking French Riviera coastlines, to lavender fields in Plateau de Valensole, and to afternoon strolls in Marseille Port city.

When travelling it’s important to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun, even when they say that in Paris, the weather seems to be perfect all the time. One must always protect their skin from UV. Even during rainy or winter days, the sun can be relentless so always bring enough sunscreen during your trips.