Winter Means It’s Time to Change Your Filter

When the weather outside turns cold, most of us head indoors to enjoy the warmth of modern home heating. It’s hard to think where we’d be without this priceless amenity. Many of us probably wouldn’t be able to survive in the climates we currently do.

While furnaces certainly do a lot to keep us warm, the truth of the matter is that they can also be hurting our health at the same time, unfortunately. That’s because furnaces have to get their air from somewhere. After heating it up, the air is passed through our home where it keeps us warm. But first it has to pull air and there’s no guarantee that air is going to be clean.

Air that’s filled with debris and dust is never healthy for us to breathe in. This is especially true for those of us who have allergies. Have you ever noticed yours often become worse in winter?

Fortunately, this is nothing a 3M filtrate can’t handle. With easy installation a 3M furnace filter can quickly guarantee that your furnace isn’t just pumping out warm air, but that it’s clean too.

This winter enjoy the warmth of staying indoors. However, be sure you also get high quality air too.