4 Simple Ways Anyone Can Add Feng Shui Elements To Their Garden

Incorporating Feng Shui into a garden is actually quite simple so, whether you are someone who wants a Feng Shui garden and simply don’t think you can do it, or if you just like the way it looks and don’t think that it could hurt to be on the safe side, here are a few tips for you:


Clutter can come in many shapes and sizes. In the garden this can be actual trash Justify over from an outdoor birthday party or it can simply be weeds that are growing in undesirable places. These things affect the energy around your home in a negative way.

Remove Dead Plants

Along with de-cluttering comes removing dead plants, cutting off dying tree limbs, taking away rusting garden tools, and things of that nature, all of which have negative effect on the energy flow, also known as chi, in your garden.

Think In Curves

There are very few straight lines or squares in nature; instead you will find curves, circles, and waves. Keep these shapes in mind and use them in your designs as you garden. For example, in place of a straight path make the sides curve in and out.

Keep The Balance

Feng Shui requires balance between the different elements and you can take the first steps by not using too much of any one thing. A deck or gazebo, for example, would likely be too much of the wood element, while smaller things like whicker furniture might be perfectly in balance.

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