Are Contact Lenses Really That Expensive?

Summary: Contact lenses vary based on their brand, model, and fit. With so many options available to you, which one can you afford?

Contact lenses are widely known to be on the pricier end. But, did you know there are numerous ways that you can save money while getting the same lenses that you were looking at in the first place? Here are some tips that’ll make your next purchase a cost-effective one.

Keep an Eye Out for Coupons

Whether you’re purchasing from a brick and mortar or through an online store, there are plenty of coupons out there that could save you a significant amount of money. Make sure you ask about any rebates or search online for discounts that take off either a percentage from your total purchase or an amount off.

Alternate Brands

Some contact lenses work in the same fashion as the ones that you want but are available through a different brand. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should immediately ditch the well-known names, but you should consider it if you’re looking to save some money. Consult with your optician and he or she will provide you with more information on the type of contact lenses you can wear.

Consider Non-Disposable Contact Lenses

If you’re in the market for dailies, you might be looking at a high cost, especially since you’ll be purchasing them on a regular basis. Non-disposable ones on the other hand, such as the ones that last for weeks are available for a cheaper price. This can be beneficial for you if you’re looking to save money. Many of these contact lenses provide the same benefits as dailies.

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