Counting Calories

If you want to lose some weight, you probably know that you should be consuming less calories than your body needs. Reducing the amount of calories that are ingested shouldn’t be done all of a sudden. It should be done gradually, during a few weeks, not at once. A lot of people do it differently, cutting a huge amount of calories from their diet all of a sudden. Actually, counting your calories isn’t that important.


If you think about it, the number of variables that take place in your body is huge, so a possible diet inaccuracy will be compensated by daily activity and workload. A life that is active enough on a daily basis should be sufficient. One example would be when you burn around 2000 calories, but you consume only 1500. That difference of 500 calories means that you’re on your way to losing weight. Since you’re under the number of burned calories, it doesn’t really matter how many you consume.

The problem would be that in some days, the energy balance is reversed, and there is less energy burned. If you don’t burn all the energy that you need, it can happen because you had a long work day and you’re tired. It can also happen that an workout can consume less calories because your heart isn’t into it. Working at a lower intensity can mean that you no longer burn as many calories as you did before. That can make the difference between a day when you lose weight and a day when you put weight.

What you should do in this case, is adapt your diet, to compensate for the low intensity training. That means that the next day, I will consume less calories, to compensate for the previous day, eating only half of the usual portions.

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