Crafting a Travel Pillows for Back Support

Crafting-a-Travel-Pillows-for-Back-SupportIf you travel often while keeping to a budget, you know that car, train, and airplane seats do not offer very good back support. This can cause pain, and even throw your spine out of alignment if you travel often without proper support. Luckily, it’s not very difficult to craft your own lumbar supporting pillow.

When crafting your back supporting pillow, you have two basic options; a cushiony pillow filled with fiberfill, or a foam replacement. This quick guide will only focus on the former type of pillow, though the basic principles apply to both types.

To create a cushioned pillow, you will need the following: a pillow insert and cover, as well as fiberfill to stuff the insert. Your insert and cover should be about the same width as the seat they will most often be used in, and their height should be about 12 inches. Stuff your fiberfill custom cushion filling into the insert and sew it shut; it should be firm enough to provide support while having enough give to still be comfortable. If you are crafting multiple pillows, be sure each has a similar fill. Next, stuff the insert into the cover and sew that shut as well.

Congratulations, your lumbar support pillow is now complete! Before you take it out travelling, sit down and test it out. If you need to make adjustments it will be easier to do it now than when you’re away from home.

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