Dental Malpractice Attorneys in Orange County California See a Spike in Dental Implant Nerve Injuries

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Dental implants have grown extremely popular in the United States. This is due to the fact that they allow patients to replace missing teeth with new ones. The truth is that many of us do not maintain proper oral hygiene habits. We don’t always get to the dentist as youngsters. This can cause us to have difficulties with our teeth for the rest of our lives.

By the age of thirty, most people have lost several permanent teeth and have fillings in several others. Dental implants allow you to regain your missing teeth. They have the same appearance as natural teeth. Your teeth and gums will be x-rayed by the dentist. Then he’ll devise a strategy for placing dental implants in the areas where you require them.

Your dentist will need to drill into your gums and jawbone to place the basis for your new tooth and this is very tedious work. The new tooth is then screwed into place. It becomes a permanent part of your mouth and resembles a natural tooth in appearance.

The majority of the time, things go well and there are no issues. However, the orthodontist does make mistakes from time to time. They might drill into your mouth wrongly or damage essential tissue. This can cause years of agony and discomfort for the patient. If this has happened to you, call a local dental malpractice lawyer in OC California for a free consultation.

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