Different types of asian massage

gardenretreatspa3The different types of Asian massage are starting to get more and more popular across the world. Here is a quick breakdown of the well known and some of the lesser known types that can be found in many of the Asian spa NYC.

Acupressure Massage – This therapy uses pressure applied to the same pressure points as acupuncture to releases tension, and increases circulation and balance your body’s energies.

Anmo – This is a traditional Japanese massage that was actually based on a Chinese massage technique called ammo. The involves deep-tissue bodywork to muscles and ligaments with the application of pressure to specific acupoints.

Ayurveda – An Indian tradition that uses herbal and pranic healing along with massage.  It uses pressure points similar to those used in acupuncture . The head massage is also part of it and is known as Indian head massage.

Thai Massage – In this they use long smooth strokes along with yoga-like poses. It is a very physical massage that does not involve doing any of the work. This is practiced on a mat fully clothed.

Tuina – This is a form of Chinese massage. This involves a lot of smooth gliding and rolling movements of the hands and arms. The belief is that you open meridian channels and free blocked and pent up energies.

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