Do your tailbone a favor by getting foam seat cushions

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

If you’re keeping up with health trends, you might be aware that sitting too much isn’t good for you. Furthermore, it’s likely to cause you significant discomfort if your seat cushions aren’t supporting your body well enough. Luckily, sitting in your office chair can become a more comfortable, healthier experience when you use an ergonomic foam seat cushion.

The problem with many office chairs is that they exert undue pressure on your tailbone, hips, and spine. By working in the office, you’re forced to spend hours sitting in an unnatural position. Your body wasn’t made to be stationary in an uncomfortable position for such a long time. Because of this, problems such as pain, reduced circulation, and hindered digestion can be a result of sitting in your office chair for a whole workday.

Having a foam seat cushion greatly reduces the amount of pressure your office chair exerts on your body. The foam helps distribute weight evenly throughout your body, instead of being concentrated in your hips and tailbone. You’ll feel like you have more energy and you’ll be more engaged and focused on the tasks at hand, instead of thinking about painful and uncomfortable you feel.

If you’d like to get some comfortable foam cushions tailored to your body type, visit The Foam Factory. They are experts and making foam cushions out of different shapes and different types of foam with varying thicknesses. Contact them about your needs and measurements to create foam seat cushions that are perfect for you.

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