Guide to Korean Massages

Summary: Korean massage uses Japanese massage technique along with Shiatsu and reflexology movements. The massage is accompanied by lotions and herbal remedies and is performed with the subject nude, covered in a towel.

Many Korean Massage parlors in New York use Japanese massage techniques that include fingertip, thumb and elbow pressure, coupled with shiatsu and reflexology movements that help release tension. Most of these techniques have been used for years in Korea and are accompanied with herbal remedies and lotions.

Originally Korean massage techniques were developed by Buddhist monks. Korean massage parlors are also popular for perspiration therapy that uses sauna-like temperatures with massage techniques to increase the body’s metabolism and relieve muscle pain.

Most parlors will also include services like facials, glass cupping, and hot stone massage therapy. These treatments can focus on a single body part or the entire body.

The therapist will require their clients to be nude but will allow a towel if the client is uncomfortable. Nudity is essential as therapist will exfoliate the entire body before they start a massage. Since Korean massage uses deep tissue massage techniques, it is best to prepare for some discomfort during and after the massage.

Look at paying anywhere from $10-$100 for a good Korean massage. Prices will vary greatly depending on the spa and the quality of the therapist they provide. Before you book your appointment, you should consider asking your therapist what the massage will include and how you need to dress during the massage. Prior to your massage it is best to speak to your therapist about any health conditions or injuries that may cause pain during the massage.

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