How outdoor furniture cushions can help prevent allergies

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Do you struggle with a runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, or an itchy throat when you walk into your backyard sometimes? You’re not alone, and many people who suffer from allergies have developed ways to either deal with allergens or to prevent their exposure to allergens. Some check pollen forecasts to predict when they should avoid stepping outdoors or wear a mask to avoid breathing in pollen. Others use saline sprays to clear their noses from allergic reactions.

However, there is a chance the allergic reactions you get from your backyard might not be from pollen, but from fungi. Mold and mildew are fungal allergens that have a tendency to appear on moist surfaces. This can be a problem for your outdoor furniture cushions. If you leave furniture cushions outside when it’s raining, the chances are higher that you’ll find mold and mildew growing on their surfaces.

One practical way you can prevent these allergens from taking over your furniture is by buying outdoor furniture cushions that are resistant to moisture and microorganisms. Dryfast foam is a cushion material that is designed to dry very quickly, even after being completely soaked. It is also made from materials that are resistant to microorganisms, which makes it hard for mold and mildew to grow on its surface. Dryfast foam cushions are uniquely suited to the needs of outdoor furniture owners and can help you keep your allergies in check.

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