Root canal treatment gone wrong—is it your dentist’s fault?

Root canal treatment is a complex and delicate procedure. Sometimes it can take up to days to complete. Sometimes, after the root canal, you might need to get a new crown for the teeth. All that considered, there are many ways a root canal can go wrong.

According to OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, it can hardly ever be the patient’s fault if anything goes wrong during a root canal treatment. It would be your fault only if you failed to follow the dentist’s instructions properly, like not keeping your mouth wide open or moving too much.

But suppose something goes wrong during the process due to the haste or carelessness of the dentist, faulty instruments, or inadequate attention to detail. In that case, it certainly counts as dental malpractice because a root canal is an extremely sensitive process and can cause you severe physical and financial trouble if the smallest thing goes wrong.

At times, you won’t understand that the procedure wasn’t carried out properly until days after the procedure ended. You might sense it only when you experience severe pain, even after weeks. In such situations, as Dane Levy says from his experience, if you go to the dentist again, they might refuse to admit that they made a mistake and try to put the blame on you. In such a case, suing them is an option.

But before you do that, you should consult a dental malpractice attorney to confirm the strength of the case. If you’re looking for one in California, you might want to check out Los Angeles dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy. With years of experience and skills, he might have exactly what you need.

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