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It shouldn’t take anyone else to tell us what we need to do to when it comes to staying trim and healthy – we should all be capable of deciding on the best routes possible to maintain a healthy life. One of the first ways to remain on the fitter side of things is by protecting your precious sleep, which has been shown to do more than just give you energy.

Sleeping to Win

The power of sleep has been well documented, with studies recently extoling the virtues of how many hours of sleep can significantly change your productivity. Other recent studies indicate that working out very early in the morning may not be as effective as once previously thought. Getting out of bed before your body is truly prepared has been shown to cause bodies to lose water, muscle, fatty tissue, and more, all of which affects metabolism and the rate at which you lose weight. Lack of sleep can also take you down a path that leads to obesity through the increase in ghrelin, a hormone that triggers appetite.

The Power of Proteins

Proteins are a necessary element of any dieting regimen, with meats, beans, and fiber all working to keep your body lean and slim. They are also the ways by which most doctors advise patients to control their health. Fiber helps by absorbing water as it enters your stomach, with protein sending hormones that make your body feel satiated. While the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle may not be for everyone, what can be noted is that a healthy amount of fruits and leafy green vegetables rich in protein are a great way to complement your meat consumption.

Bio: Dev Randhawa studies the effect of a healthy diet on healthy living, and is a nurse for his local hospital. For more information on healthy eating, follow Dev Randhawa.

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