The Basics of Memory Foam Mattresses

The-Basics-of-Memory-Foam-MattressesWritten by the Foam Factory.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your health and mental state for the rest of your day. Having a mattress that is comfortable and offers your body correct support while you sleep is critical to getting the peaceful rest that you need. Many people have discovered that a memory foam mattress is the best solution to have a soft place to rest that also offers the proper amount of body support.

The memory foam cushion was first designed for astronauts by NASA in the 1960s to use in seats for high-speed experimental airplanes. The unique material molds to the shape of a person’s heat and pressure, helping to evenly distribute body weight. This would lead to a comfortable fit for pilots even at high G-forces with a material that is soft while also absorbing shocks.

It wasn’t long before the general public became aware of the potential uses of memory foam. While early uses were medical — such as prosthetics and seating pads — it quickly became synonymous with mattresses. Along as serving as a mattress replacement for standard mattresses, many mattresses also have a memory foam topper to provide an additional layer of comfort.

The main benefit of memory foam is that it automatically changes shape based on the contours of your body when you lie down. This leads to a more even distribution of your weight whether you sleep on your side or your back. People who have memory foam mattresses often sleep better and wake up more refreshed and with fewer aches and pains.

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