The Benefits of CBD for Epilepsy

Article written by Express CBD Store

After years of trial and failure with many different medications, more and more patients are turning to CBD oil. This new natural remedy is rapidly becoming popular across the nation and is completely legal in all states except 4.

Epilepsy is one of many conditions that benefit from CBD products. CBD products do not have THC (the component associated with the high of cannabis) and are therefore not psychoactive. Because CBD is a natural ingredient, most information about it is not regulated by the FDA but is based on personal experience and research.

Usually, epilepsy patients are prescribed different kinds of anticonvulsants to treat their seizures. However, anticonvulsants are often not as effective as they should be and bring a large number of side effects with them. Because of this, many epilepsy patients are looking into different CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD water, hemp oil, and hemp water as well as CBD based medications. Medical cannabis has anticonvulsant properties without the side effects of regular anticonvulsants. It targets cell activity by changing how ions flow in and out of neurones. A small group of studies suggests that adding cannabis oil to your existing medical routine may help alleviate symptoms as well.

Most people who have tried CBD have found relief where their previous medications failed them. As more studies are done and more information is released, the use of CBD to relieve seizures and other symptoms is sweeping the nation.

If CBD products are legal in your state, talk with your doctor to see if you qualify to try a CBD treatment.


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