Tips on Form When Bodybuilding

Article written by No Myth Fitness

When you’re lifting weights and trying to bulk up, how you lift is just as important as the portions of your body that you train. Lifting a certain way can throw off your balance, decrease gains in specific areas, cause back pain and generally lead to discomfort before and after the exercise. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, this article is for you.

When Squatting

When you’re squatting, there are a few important rules to keep in mind. The ideal form is much like standing at attention in the military, head and shoulders back with spine straight. You should never bend your back or lower that stance. Further, you should gauge the proper height of your lift when you’re inside the rack by gently raising the bar from the rack and setting it down without any harm.

The final tip is to squeeze those glutes. Tightening your bottom will provide a more stable lifting action, which is especially helpful in the bench press as well.


Many people will begin a curl by bending the elbows to raise the bar, but this is the wrong form. It won’t build muscle where curls ought to, and you’re missing the full range of motion required to get the most of your workout. If you notice your elbows are moving, reset and start again to try and keep them straight.

On Machines

One quick tip for those working out on machines is to have a spotter gradually and carefully begin removing weight, while you’re holding your position. Normally, you would rest between reps but this gradual decrease in weight is a great workout.

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