What Makes a Bed Comfortable?

 photo High-Quality-House-Hold-Bed-Mattress_zps9ts9t36b.jpgWritten by: The Foam Factory

There are many benefits of a good night’s sleep, and in today’s fast-paced modern world, it is common for many people to feel overworked, overstressed, and sleep-deprived. While other causes of insomnia may not be so easily remedied, one very important key to a restful, peaceful night is the type of mattress you choose—and the foam that fills that mattress.

Comfort begins with high-quality foam that allows for more extensive airflow. If you, like many others, find yourself suffering from mysterious back and neck pain, tight joints, or a variety of other aches and pains, it may be a wise idea to educate yourself on the options available to you. If you suspect that your unexplained pain may be as a result of a poor-quality mattress, investing in a natural memory foam mattress from Canada may be a good choice.

Constructed from breathable, hypoallergenic open-cell foam, a natural latex mattress from Canada is a unique alternative that ensures a more comfortable slumber. While many mattresses, particularly innerspring mattresses, are stuffed with lesser-quality foam, natural latex foam provides strong support and relieves pressure as you sleep. The foam shifts and adapts to your body’s natural shape, contouring to your most familiar and comforting sleep position, and helps you relax and unwind.

An adaptable aerated pin-core structure within allows for the regulation of temperature during the night, familiarizing itself with your natural body heat and ensuring that you are permitted the most ideal night’s sleep possible. Bodily moisture is regulated as you rest and excessive sweating during the night is minimized.

Another great benefit to a natural latex mattress from Canada is that the material is 100% natural. Manufacturers are held to high standards, permitting only food-grade ingredients to be used during production.

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