What’s Worse than Bed Bugs? Old Cushions

Old CushionsAmericans are worried about bed bugs, and they should be. Those little critters are frequent stowaways when people travel across state lines, and they can create havoc for those who live with them. Still, bed bugs aren’t life threatening or dangerous. Old couch cushions very well might be. A foam replacement might be the most important life saving measure you can take in your home besides installing a fire detector. Here is why.


Most cushions of yesteryear were doused with chemicals to try and prevent fires from catching, and to preserve the foam for longer periods of time. As technology used to produce foam improves, there is less of a need for so many harmful chemicals to accomplish the same process. The goal is fire protection, and one should not have to pay the price of unsafe respiratory conditions.

In addition to couch cushions that sag over time, those harmful chemicals become a hazard to our everyday lives.

It’s important to understand that chemicals haven’t left furniture entirely, but which ones are used in manufacturing has changed over time. The result is a safer cushion in your home. Even your patio cushion could be replaced with a safer alternative.

Even better, these chemicals are better at preventing fires from becoming a serious hazard than ever before.

Before you think to yourself that you can live another month on those saggy cushions, consider the health of you and your family. It might be worth the modest cost to upgrade.

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