You Don’t have to Break Your Piggy Bank for a Memory Foam Mattress

Save Money by Adding Polyurethane Foam to Your MattressWritten by: The Foam Factory, Inc.

By now, most of us have heard of the benefits of a king size memory foam mattress. It can relieve strain from your back, it feels like sleeping on a cloud, and it can be anti-microbial. Memory foam has also proven to help improve circulation throughout the body, which is especially important for those recovering on bed rest. You can even find memory foam mattresses in both firm and medium support levels depending on what you’re looking for.

Most people, however, operate under the mistaken belief the memory foam is simply too expensive. It’s true that you’ll find memory foam beds retailing in the thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t have to be the norm. If sleep is important to you, read on for tips to find an affordable memory foam mattress.

The first tip to save on a memory foam mattress is to determine the minimum density you need to feel comfortable. If you’re willing to forego thickness, you can find a comfortable mattress or topper for under $500 easily. That’s with upgrades like covers and anti-microbial coatings. Definitely take advantage of the cover, as it reduces staining left overnight when we perspire.

Shopping online tends to compound these savings, especially if you ship from outside of America. You could buy a mattress from Canada online, if it were cheaper than those being sold nearer to you, and have it shipped for less than the retail cost of memory foam mattresses at big-box retailers.

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